Below are testimonials of some happy clients:


I have been coaching and training since 2006 and I rarely find someone that takes the time to understand any facet of training and racing, let alone in any kind of depth. I am so glad to have a friend that shares my passion for training and has superseded every expectation.


I have over 20,000 miles on the wheels you built for me [DT Swiss RR465/Ultegra], no issues...



I reckon I have about 500 miles on it [PowerTap PRO+/A23] now and, it continues to operate flawlessly. Wheel remains dead true also.


A magic carpet ride! Smooth, stiff, stable. 25 mm tires at 80-85 PSI roll easily yet soak up the bumps. The wider profile feels absolutely stable in corners, sweeping turns, high speed descents. These wheels created exactly the ride characteristics I was looking for.


BTW i rode last night on Steve's ride, and i really like the wheels.  They are much more stiff than the old ones, and they corner like rails.


After numerous emails back and forth, and a half dozen phone calls, he was the one guy who spent ALOT of time with me until we figured out exactly what I was looking for. After comparing prices, he was lower than the major wheelbuilding sites, and had them delivered a week earlier than I had expected/been told. 
They have been a great set of wheels, and I couldn't be more pleased.


Great, thanks for asking... no issues whatsoever, the ride is nice and stable but very comfortable, I'm using some 24c grand prix's on them, and on my steel pegoretti they don't really feel all that different from my record/nemesis tubulars w/ conti competition 25c tires, so all and all perfect.  they look classic as well.


I did get a ride on them today, they did very well. I was amazed how light they are.


Hey, I've been riding the Kinlin 380s off and on the last couple of weeks... Love them! I'm currently 193lbs, and I was doing some hills today.  I really didn't detect any flex in the wheels.


I wanted to let you know how much we both love the wheels. I've only managed to but about 70 mile on mine so far, how to add to that soon, but the first thing I noticed was how much smoother they are. Again thanks. BTW I'm thinking of building up a new bike this winter, at this point I know two things that will be on it SRAM Red shifters and YOUR WHEELS.